Thursday, July 12, 2012

"letter from Zack"

Dear Grandma Pat, sorry I haven't written but I've been extremely busy at Camp Chung.
 Every weekday when the kids go for swimming lessons I do a 45min  romp through the forest in Pacific Spirit Regional  Park.  After I get a 2hr nap before the kids head to  gymnastics.  That's my favourite time because now I get to go swimming at  McDonald Beach in Richmond. It's been hovering around  25ºC
 the last two weeks and I don't like the heat. I LIVE  to  retrieve and can swim for an hour straight but my Dad keeps  making me take breaks which is so annoying. He's also  keeping an eye out as seals have been found on the Fraser River. On the weekends rain or shine we go hiking,  biking  or swimming again, did I mention I live to retrieve anything  you  throw in the water?

 I'm still 27" tall and hover between 85-90lbs. I still  can  sleep 18hrs a day and only get up for meals but when I'm  outside  I only have one speed - full on!

 Give Taylor a kiss and happy belated birthday from me.

 Dad said we might come visit you this summer but he's got to  teach > me how to sit in a canoe before we head to the Bow River.

Love Zack

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  1. awww, super cute, what a handsome lad Zack is , & lucky too !!!!