Tuesday, February 24, 2015

upcoming litter

Stiletto is counting down the days to this weekend.....

Monday, February 23, 2015

sheep day

Some Koping Weimaraners tried 'herding' sheep this weekend and enjoyed the new challenge.  Thanks Amanda Labadie for allowing the crew to be exposed to sheep!  Think this crew will go to the Herding Instinct test in March now!






Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2014 Top CKC Dogs

Huge Congratulations go out to the following Koping Weimaraners and their owners for their CKC accomplishments for 2014!!!

#1 Conformation Weimaraner
GCH Koping Happily Ever After CGN

owners: Jeannene & Brent Bartolome
coowner/cobreeder: Pat Kopec
cobreeder:  Christy Spratlin

#1 Rally Weimaraner
TCh Koping Party Locator RE CGN
owner: Pat Solkshinitz
coowner/breeder: Pat Kopec

#5 Conformation Weimaraner & #2 Rally Weimaraner
Am Ch MBIS, BISS, BPIS Can GChEx Koping WinWeim Say It's True RE AgNS AgIJS CGN
#5 Rally Weimaraner
Ch Koping's Tea Party TD CGN AGXS AGXJS RE

coowners/cobreeders: Julia Wilson & Pat Kopec
coowners: Julia Wilson & Dr Dana Massey
coowner/cobreeder: Pat Kopec
cobreeder:  Christy Spratlin
#14 Conformation Weimaraner
Koping Shoe Love Is True Love

coowners: Julia Wilson & Pat Kopec
cobreeders: Julia Wilson, Pat Kopec & Dr Dana Massey

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Stryker" - Am/Can Ch Koping's Tale of Stryking Rich CD TD RA AGX AGIJ CGN / Am CD RA AGN AGNJ ----------- Aug 22, 1999 - Jan 28, 2015

It is with deep deep sadness I tell you all that today Stryker passed on… Stryker was an amazing dog, I have had dogs all my life but he is without a doubt the most loyal dog I have ever had the pleasure of having in my home.  Anything I wanted to do Stryker said okay we can try it…we may not ever have been the best at anything but Stryker and I together tried so many new adventures.
I still remember so clearly the first time going to meet the “Tale” litter and being so impressed with how much care and knowledge the breeder ( as Pat was known then) was sharing with me..Stryker would be my first Koping dog..and also was part of forming my friendship with Pat…
My first show dog…I still remember that first show…and saying to Pat if he doesn’t like this we aren’t going to keep doing it right , well both Stryker and I had a blast and he went Best of Breed…we were hooked…well more I was but I very proudly put his Canadian Championship on him…another first for me.  After that for his American Championship I happily passed it on to Pat to finish that title.  I so clearly remember flying with Stryker to my first American Nationals…it was so exciting and fun..although I was a bit nervous flying my dog for the first time ever…Stryker handled it just like he does most things and it didn’t bother him at all.
I remember when Pat asked if I would be into showing him to get his championship and my answer was sure but mostly I wanted a working dog and don’t want to do much travelling…. Well it makes me smile to think of that answer and of all the miles Stryker and I have travelled together over the last 15 years. 
He was my first dog to get a CD, in Canada and the US, also my first dog to get a Tracking Title…anything I wanted to try Stryker was always okay let’s give it a try..
He was my protector, my buddy and my kind loving boy…
Stryker will leave a huge hole in my heart and home that no matter who else enters it will never be filled…thanks for always being there for me Stryker …

- Julia Wilson


Monday, January 26, 2015

new CH

Congratulations to "Birks" for winning BOW, BOS and Best Puppy in Group on Friday at the Alberta Kennel Club show.
This also earned him his Canadian Championship at 10 months of age!!
"Birks" - Am/Can Ch Koping Shoe Love is True Love

Friday, January 23, 2015

Puyallup WA show results

Exciting early January trip to Puyallup WA for Koping Weimaraners!!
"Aves" - Am/Can Ch Koping Win'Weim Pink Flamingo won 2 BOS, 1 Select and 1 Best of Breed for 20 major Grand Champion points!
"Birks" - Am Ch Koping Shoe Love is True Love - won 2 BOW (4pt majors) and 1 WD (3pt major) to complete his Am Championship
"Houston" - Am Ch Can GCh Koping Happily Ever After CGN - won WD (3pt major) and then went onto Oregon and got BOW (4pt major) and WD (2pts) to complete his Am Championship and then earned Select dog for Gr Ch points on the last day
"True" - Am GCh Can GCHEX Koping Win'Weim Say It's True RE CGN AGXJS AGNS Am BN RA NA NAJ - got two Qualifying scores in Beginner Novice Obedience to complete his BN title
10 month old " Birks" -  Am Ch Koping Shoe Love is True Love (Stiletto x True)