Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Tale" Litter turns 13

Birth month continues ..... All my litters are special to me BUT this litter is extra special as it is my first Weimaraner litter and hence the start of Koping Weimaraners! The "Tale" litter turns 13 today!!
I hope Scout, Stryker and Morgan have a terrific day.

                                                   Stryker sends bday wishes to his sis and bro!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to the "2" Litter -- Emma x Jackson!!!

 This litter was 'themed 2' since they were the second litter of the year because Mckeely had a singleton earlier in the spring and I had a couple great puppy homes waiting for a Koping puppy.  So Emma was bred and had a 'second' litter and this litter had 2 Koping parents,  and hence the '2' theme seemed appropriate!
Happy Birthday Lyric, Sydney & Remington!!
Lori Hawrychuk was still living in Calgary at this time and took some fun photos of this litter (and the red & white setter singleton pup, Lily, who visited a few times


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Stereotype" litter turns 12!!!

Paige (picture taken last October) would like to wish her sisters (Jaeger, Madison & Sable)  from the 'Stereotype' litter a VERY happy 12th Birthday !!! (and brother Catcher is also in our thoughts over the rainbow bridge)
Paige (Ch Koping's Book Worm FDJ, CGN, RE, TDX, AGX, AGXJ, AGIS, AGXJS, Am RE, NA, OAP, NJP, NF) is now retired as a competitor but thoroughly enjoys traveling and being a cheerleader to the younger Koping kids!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to the "Country Music" litter

Paige (Alberta) x Broadway (Texas)!!!
Hanna, Lucy, Messina and Jackson turn 7 years old today!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Koping Weimaraners do well at the shows this past weekend!!

Congratulations to Dan Stallings on Emmy's major win in Canfield, Ohio at the Weim Specialty!!  Emmy
 (P!nk x Jimmy Choo --- Win'Weim Koping Pretty Surprise) is just 8 month old!
At the Alberta Kennel Club show (Canada's LARGEST outdoor show), True (Sydney x Goose -- Am Ch MBIS, BISS, BPIS Can Ch Koping Win'Weim Say It's True) won a Group 3 in the very competative Sporting Group.  As well, Pat along with the help of Kerri Van Eaton and Janna Jackson showed True, P!nk (Tea x Lucchese -- Am Ch MBPIS Can Ch Koping Get the Party Started AGNJS, TD, RN, AGN, AGNJ) and Stiletto (Tea x Jimmy Choo -- Ch Koping Dangerous Heights)  in the Eukanuba Breeder's Stake and WON the Sporting group.
Jan and Chance (Sydney x Goose -- Koping Chance to Be True) debuted in CKC agility and had many nice fast runs that earned a few Q's!!
El (P!nk x Jimmy Choo -- Koping Element of Surprise) and Houston (Sydney x Jimmy Choo -- Koping Happily Ever After) showed lovely in a very strong lineup of Sporting Puppy and Baby Puppy groups throughout the weekend.  Their tails never stopped wagging and it was a pleasure to showcase their lovely looks and wonderful temperament
Congratulations to all!!

                                                           True , P!nk and Stiletto
                                                             P!nk , True and Stiletto



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday to the "Sense" litter Lira, Willow and Otto!!!!!!!!


Lira - picture by Lori Hawrychuk


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Koping 'game faces' are on this weekend!

Good luck to all that are competing at the Alberta Kennel Club show weekend!  There will be many Koping kids at the show -- True, El & Houston in the show rings and Colt and Chance in the agility rings.  Saturday night after BIS there is an Eukanuba Breeders Sweepstakes that True, Stiletto and P!nk will be competing in too!

" click the link to look at the schedule for AKC show at Spruce Meadows"