Friday, October 25, 2013

My First ...... Show Dog


Hard to believe this wonderful dog is 14 now.  Stryker was my 
first bought from a breeder dog, it was an very eye opening to see 
what time and dedication a breeder puts into their litter. I 
remember meeting the 5 puppies and thinking wow they are all 
so fantastic how will I choose, and then being told I wouldn’t be 
choosing the puppy the breeder would pick the best match for 
me.  I was surprised by this at first but as I got to know Pat and 
see how well she knew her puppies it made total sense and she 
couldn’t have picked a more perfect dog for me that Stryker.
Don’t get me wrong he is not perfect but pretty close, he is the 
most loyal dog I have ever owned.  Stryker and I decided to take 
the challenge and enter the show world, I still remember saying 
to the breeder if he doesn’t like this we don’t have to keep going 
right ?  We both made a great debut and came away from our first 
weekend with 5 points and even went Best of Breed one day.  We 
had a great time and easily finished his Canadian Championship 
and we were hooked, we went on and got his American 
Championship as well…(that one we let Pat show him)…
Stryker is the kind of dog that anything you ask him to do he 
will give it his best effort, we are not always successful in our 
endeavors but we had fun trying. To think when I got him I said 
I didn’t want to do much travelling… can’t even imagine the 
miles Stryker and I have put on going to dog events…Stryker is 
now retired but still travels to almost every dog show I go to.  He 
is still the boss in my house and the other dogs know it and 
totally respect him, he may be wobbly on his back legs and 
pretty much deaf but he still has this role in my house.. I love 
that he very quietly is just in charge of all of them.
- Julia Wilson

photos by Amanda Labadie

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thanksgiving in Winnipeg

Great weekend at the 6 Fort Garry Kennel Club shows!!

 "Aves" -  3 BPIG placements, 1 Grp 3rd placement & 4pts
"Floyd" -  2 BPIG placements, 1 Grp 4th placement & 3pts
"True" - 2 Grp 1st  placements & 2 Grp 2nd placements

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 Koping Win'Weim Pink Floyd 
A wonderful weekend in MT captured in a picture -
 BOW 3pt major & Best Puppy in Show at 6 months old

Monday, October 21, 2013

Garmin & El track in Montana

CONGRATULATIONS to Pat Solkshinitz on earning 2 new Tracking Dog titles with El and Garmin in Great Falls, MT!!!