Friday, February 22, 2013

Goodbye Taylor

The Queen busy bee of the Koping hive has left us........ "TAYLOR"Ch Daroca's Tale to Tell CD, TD, FDJ, AGMX, CGN, Am CD, OA, OAJ, RN, CGN -- MBPIG & multi group placing
 June 21, 1996 - March 20, 2013


In August, 1996 when Rosemary entrusted me with a feisty puppy that on my drive home I named Taylor with a Tale to Tell, who would have thought she would have almost 17 years of 'tales to tell'?!!  Taylor touched the lives of many Weimaraners as well as their owners as she produced two beautiful litters of 5 puppies and now has great great great grandpups to carry on with stories.  Taylor was 'the little weim that could' -- at 23" tall and 52lbs she ruled the Koping clan of Weimaraners -- well in her mind ALL Weimaraners.  And YES with just  a look sometimes she could gain control of any group in the house, hotel, dog show or on a run.

  She was the PERFECT nanny for raising litters as she let pups know the rules of the house without ever physically hurting anyone (ok some of the pups would say her 'roar'  hurt their feelings) and I could trust her with any age of pups.  Taylor always 'knew' when moms were about to whelp pups and after the births she would be on her tippy toes in excitement to smell and clean a puppy if held up to her -- she was most respectful to the moms and never would go into the box and would instead wait for one to be brought to her.  Taylor would get on her tippy toes in excitement to meet any breed of puppy.

  From a puppy to a senior citizen Taylor loved to go on road trips and would be super excited to stay at hotels and participate or watch at a variety of dog sports.  There was never a day in her life that she missed going for a flexi walk &/or off leash run -- it was just the length of walk that varied due to temperatures.  Many people asked me how & why 'ticky ticky Taylor' kept going year after year and lately month after month......she was my little energizer bunny that was never treated as a 'retired' dog but rather she was given new tasks throughout the years, always excersised and fed a wide variety in her diet.

The past three years her number one job was being "Jimmy Choo's keeper' -- yup lil' Taylor ruled and kept rambunctious 83lb Jimmy Choo in-line :-)  She was his BFF and vice versa. She was in control of the household throughout her whole life and no one challenged her for that position!  How are we all feeling?? -- Blessed and Sad-- blessed to have had her in our lives for almost 17 years and sad because we just simply miss her........ As I've said, Taylor was an in charge classy gal who loved life and lived it to the fullest and yesterday was no different when she demanded her two group walks and ate her perfectly prepared meals, shared kisses, reminded others of manners and then relaxed in front of the fireplace and then later in the evening peacefully left us......

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Koping gal is 'glowing' ;-)

Sydney and Goose are EXPECTING!!!
Goofy, sweet & beautiful are our expectations for this Koping litter -- due March 17th  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Buns in the Oven" ;-)

P!nk and True are expecting puppies!!!
Going to be another fun loving Koping litter -- due date March 15th 

                                                 Thank you Liz Saunders for the great pictures

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RIP sweet Aidie

For a little girl, Aidie, had a big impact on Christy's introduction into a variety of dog sports and hence will be missed immensely by not only Christy but her pack-mates, Sydney & Sookie.
below is from Christy: 
Twelve and a half years ago, on a whim, I snuck you into my parents house. Didn't tell anyone I was getting you. Little did I know how you would change my life. As my first Weimaraner you introduced me to the world of dog shows, agility, obedience and rally and helped me find so many amazing friends. Today I said goodbye to you knowing that my life will never be the same. Goodbye little Aidie you will never be forgotten. Ch. Minalt Live Wire CD RN AGEX AGEXJ and one gamble away from that elusive ATCH

Friday, February 1, 2013

Introducing Target Weimaraner's latest addition --- "Icon"

Target's Precision Icon
Icon's dad is our "True"  
We look forward to seeing Coreen and Icon in the show ring this summer!