Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RIP sweet Aidie

For a little girl, Aidie, had a big impact on Christy's introduction into a variety of dog sports and hence will be missed immensely by not only Christy but her pack-mates, Sydney & Sookie.
below is from Christy: 
Twelve and a half years ago, on a whim, I snuck you into my parents house. Didn't tell anyone I was getting you. Little did I know how you would change my life. As my first Weimaraner you introduced me to the world of dog shows, agility, obedience and rally and helped me find so many amazing friends. Today I said goodbye to you knowing that my life will never be the same. Goodbye little Aidie you will never be forgotten. Ch. Minalt Live Wire CD RN AGEX AGEXJ and one gamble away from that elusive ATCH

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