Monday, July 9, 2012

Koping weims play agility in HOT Lethbridge!!!!

Since we haven't really had 'summer yet' in Alberta, the dogs have not been conditioned to playing agility in +30 temperatures, yet they did a great job at giving effort most of the weekend
......and that effort produced Q's for all
the Koping kids that played  Mckeely, Tea, P!nk, Jimmy Choo and True.  

The Lethbridge Kennel Club did a fantastic job at hosting the CKC agility trial weekend and we are thankful for all the wonderful volunteers that worked so hard.  As well, Wendy Devant was there taking photos, so think I'll be having to purchase some pictures to share with the blog :-) later.

 True's debut weekend in a couple events resulted in a couple Q's.  He loved showing everyone that he is not just a pretty face!

Jimmy Choo earned his AGN title and celebrated when he got home by rolling all around and being his typical goofy self!

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