Monday, March 9, 2015

2 boys & 2 girls born Feb 28th

Cannot believe how things can go from blissful to feeling devastated and defeated in less than 48 hrs. Being a breeder really just plain sucks sometimes and only other breeders truly understand this statement. There will be no more puppy pics posted. My mom loved coming to visit and help at puppy time and now she has a litter to look after in heaven. I have had a stillborn or lost a weak newborn in past litters BUT have never lost an entire litter that was born robust and thrived for a couple days. I'm thankful for my wonderful supportive network of friends and my vet, Dr Steph - we brainstormed and tried with all our might and I couldn't have gotten through this without them.  But I guess sometimes God has other plans.....

I am very sad but feel most heartbroken for lovely Stiletto who has been one of my all time best puppy mommas -- she had so much love and milk to share with these pups. My heart also aches for two friends and families that have been looking forward to welcoming one of these puppies into their families.  They say time heals the pain -- well stiletto, Julia and I would like to press a fast forward button......

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  1. So sorry, how devastating:( we had 1 stillborn out of 37 puppies & I cried so much. I can't even imagine. Give my loving to the momma