Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Team Koping does well at the shows these past two weekends!

Camrose Sunday -- True (Sydney x Goose) -- BOB

Camrose Sunday -- El (P!nk x Jimmy Choo) -- BOW 2pts and BPIG 
Camrose Sunday -- P!nk (Tea x Lucchese) -- Rally Advanced Q which completes her RA title
Red Deer Saturday -- Houston (Sydney x Jimmy Choo) - BOW 1pt
Red Deer Sunday -- El BOW 1pt (P!nk x Jimmy Choo)
Red Deer Saturday -- True (Sydney x Goose) -- BOB
Red Deer Saturday -- True --GROUP 1
Red Deer Saturday/Sunday -- Noire (the visiting Beardie) -- Rally Novice Q's that complete her RN title

                                                                              " El "
                                                                        "P!nk "
                                                                 " Houston"
                                                                     " True "

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