Monday, August 8, 2011

Koping Weimaraners participate in the Alberta Kennel Club's Breeder Group Stakes

After BIS on Saturday July 30th the AKC hosted this event to celebrate purebred dog breeders in their respective Groups then Best Overall. A breeder would be the first to enter the ring with one of the dogs they bred along with two other handlers and all three dogs they bred to be judged a 'unit'. Great-grandma-Paige came out of 'retirement' and hung out at the dog show on Saturday and then entered the ring with her two great grandkids - True & P!nk. By 7:30pm the young ones were a little 'loopy' but Paige kept her composure and had a blast going in the ring and 'strutting her stuff'. Thanks to Kerri and Michelle for helping handle the weim-girls!

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