Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice show weekend all around for "Team Koping" in Calgary

So happy and proud with the three Koping kids that were confident, happy & pretty Weimaraners showing this weekend.
P!nk (Tea x Lucchese pup) - 2 days BOB with 1 day making the cut in group (nice for 15 month old) AND happy happy rock solid on her stacks. She is very much a 'show-boat' waiting to go into the ring as well as when she enters the ring! :-)
True (Sydney x Goose pup) - 3 days BOW & 1 day BOB for a total of 6pts (pretty nice for a 7 month old) and 1 BPIG
Sookie (Sydney x Goose pup) - 1 day WB for 2pts and 1 day getting RWB


  1. what an awesome weekend!
    Congratulations all around !!!

  2. Congrats to all! What an awesome weekend especially for True