Tuesday, November 23, 2010


An excerpt from the Agility Association of Canada rulebook.....
Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC)
This title is awarded to a dog that has achieved the Master Agility Dog of Canada, Master Jumpers, Master Gamblers & Master Snooker titles. A dog must demonstrate its versatility within the sport through a stringent qualification process.

An excerpt from email from Colt's owner Jan Foore......
We heard the “go” . . . Colt dug in and played hard throughout that Gamblers run. It was all so energy charged. Watching Colt get caught up in the excitement around us are my snap shots that keep coming to mind. He was so joyful. So many people made such a fuss over him, and he beamed at them all. Then he looked for his “jackpot” (that was surprising, because the jackpot always come first . . . agility priorities, ya know). Colt thoroughly enjoyed his jackpotssss. What a run – what a blast - what a memory.

We are so very proud of Jan and Colt's accomplishment as a team! Way to go!!!


  1. Very Well Done Jan and Colt!It takes a lot of work and trialling to attain that level

  2. wow Jan and Colt - this has been a journey for you both ; hard work; patience; practice; team evolving....and this is such a great stop along the way!!! congrats!! Pat, Hanna, Garmin and the GSD gang!