Thursday, September 9, 2010

Koping's Chance to be True

Fate donned this little guy with the red collar for a reason . . . he really is the Weim Puppy devil in disguise - Chance is a hoot!
He is loved and cherished by Jan & Dave and their weim boyzz Colt & Roadie (and Spanky the cat). Oh maybe not loved and cherished by Colt yet but 'tolerated' by him :-)


  1. Jan and Dave - Congrats and how amazing for you.. perhaps you had it too easy with the Boyz... and now you pay the piper? Think devil is good...he will bring so much into your life!

  2. congratulations Jan and Dave, Colt and Roadie...what a cutie...keep sending pic updates!
    2nd one is GREAT Jan.