Thursday, August 5, 2010

Puppy Update

Black Boy : The black boy started out his life as the black sheep of the group. Couldn't quite find his way out of his mom and ended up causing her to have a csection. He loves sleeping on his stomach with his back legs sticking out behind him and often wedges himself into odd places in this position.

Sookie - Girl : She is the smallest of the group and has the sweetest look on her face. She is always very active and loves running around with with her little red brother causing as much trouble as possible.

Red Boy : This boy is mister active. He is always moving. He doesn't walk anywhere he runs. He loves playing with his brothers but spends most of his time teamed up with his sister getting into trouble.

Green Boy: He loves playing with his brothers and sister but he often wonders off by himself to explore his surroundings. He's never gone for long and usually comes racing back to the group when he realizes how far away he's gotten

Blue Boy: He is always the first one to the food bowl and the last one to finish. He is the most laid back of the bunch but still loves to race around and play with his siblings.

1 comment:

  1. They all have beautiful heads and lovely expressive faces... but they are Weimaraners.. and that means TROUBLE! Good luck to all who will be taking these kids into their home! More pictures as they grow would be great!