Thursday, April 29, 2010

Agility Weekend

Some of the Koping crew was out playing AAC this past Saturday
in Calgary. Mckeely enjoyed her birthday playing agility
with grandma-Pat. She was spunky and fast and managed to
show her grandma's handling faults whenever she could :-)
but was still able to come out of the day with a Q!

In between runs Mckeely got to hang out with her momma-Paige
which also was supper enjoyable way to spend her b-day.
Paige too had a great day and really enjoyed her 3 agility runs
(Steeplechase, Snooker & Jumpers) and as a bonus got 3
Q's! Colt, who had an injury that has kept him sidelined
for a bit, was out in fine form rip-roaring around the courses
with his mom, Jan. His weim-bro, Roadie, was also seen
racing thru courses with Dave. And since her maternity-
leave Tea has not had a chance to play much agility so she too
was excited to be out on the courses with her mom, Julia, and had 3 great runs, 2 where Q's.

All and all the weims had a great day at agility!


  1. Awesome team work! Way to go Koping Clan (and Roadie too!)

  2. So much fun to watch. I think I'll watch it again!

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