Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 Generations

So how blessed am I to have 5 generations of Koping girls living with me(ok, a couple of the girls live with Julia in Lethbridge but I have the youngest and oldest of the 5 generations in my house).I know some Toy/'small' dog breeders that wouldn't find 5 generations to be a big challenge to have living at the same time BUT in the 'large' dog world, I think this is a wonderful feat to have accomplished. A year and a half ago Sarah Novak took some wonderful 4 generation pictureof the 'girls' (Taylor, Paige, Mckeely and Tea) and one of those pictures is the top banner of this blog.Well Julia and I have been talking about having to find a time and place to get a picture of P!nk with the 'girls'. Taylor told me she has wanted to wait for the photo opp to be when the weather is nice, so I guess now with the temps getting nice outside I can start trying to find time to get one. However, until that happens I thought I would present to you my current "5 Generation" picture of the 'girls'.....lucky for me I had cousin Lori visiting with her camera recently and so I quickly 'set' the girls up and got her to snap a quick picture --- because you never know how long they will stay put!!! LOL


  1. that is awesome - says alot for the longevity and hardiness of those Koping dogs!!!

  2. Love, love, love the blanket!!! Makes me want to get Nova and Lira professionally photographed and made into a blanket. (The photo not the dogs). Where'd you get it made?

    Oh, and Long live the long-lived weims!!

  3. Actually the blanket was a gift!!! but I do know that it was done at Costco. We have some wonderful photographers among us -- Lori Hawrychuk, Sarah Novak & Tracey Geddes to name a few. I'm sure you could hire anyone of them to do some great photos of your two-legged and four-legged kids.